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Customer Satisfaction Survey And Employee Turnover

Putting the Service-Profit Chain to Work The purpose of this article was to analyze the service-profit chain and to discuss the service-profit chain audit. The article mainly used customer satisfaction surveys and employee turnover rates to develop the data. According to the article, the service-profit chain establishes relationships between profitability, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity. The links in the chain are as follows: Profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty. Loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction. Satisfaction is largely influenced by the value of services provided to customers. Value is created by satisfied, loyal, and productive employees. Employee satisfaction, in turn, results primarily from high-quality support services and policies that enable employees to deliver results to customers (J. Heskett, T. Jones, G. Loveman, E. Sasser, L. Schlesinger, 1994). They have found that the value of a satisfied customer is huge because they can become a loyal customer, and will also affect their peers to become loyal customers as well. Over time, a loyal customer can bring in thousands of dollars for a company. One interesting way to analyze customer satisfactio n is to look at the apostles and terrorists. Apostles are those customers that are so pleased with a product or company, that they get more people to like the product as well. Terrorists are those customers who are so displeased thatShow MoreRelatedEmployee Satisfaction1221 Words   |  5 Pagesinvolves the job satisfaction and employee engagement of a spa company’s workforce called Bella. The case depicts a new general manager Kris Jenkins’s concern that Bella’s numbers had deteriorated dramatically in the past year. Profits were down; absenteeism was up; turnover, while not dramatic, was higher than it had been in the past five years. This report shows how important the employee engagement to bring job satisfaction which overall leads a company with a less absenteeism, low turnover rates; ultimatelyRead MoreThe Role of Perceived Organizational Support and Supportive Human Resource Practices on Hourly (Non-Exempt) Retail Hr Employee Satisfaction and Loyalty.13 48 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Resource Practices of hourly (non-exempt) retail HR employees may be related to low employee satisfaction and loyalty. The inferences of this study for HR practice leaders and their organizations are significant because a lack of perceived organizational support, may lead to poor employee satisfaction and loyalty, thereby adding costly affects of negative employee morale and turnover. Employee turnover represents a practical problem to an organization in terms of loss of talent and additionalRead MoreStarbucks s Marketing Plan For Starbucks Coffee1543 Words   |  7 PagesCorporation Profile). Starbucks coffee houses are operating in 50 countries. Starbucks coffee comes from Latin America, Africa and Asia. The employees are called â€Å"partners†. Starbucks offers health benefits, 401K plans, tuition reimbursement and employee discounts. Employees are mostly hired on a part time basis working 20 hours or less. Employees need to work a minimum of 22 hours in order to be eligible for health insurance. Starbucks was #45 on the Forbes list for world’s most innovative companyRead MoreHybrid Assignment 4 - Talent Management Program1358 Words   |  6 Pagesthe obvious benefits the programs create such as employment engagement, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, employee loyalty, and union avoidance. Talent management programs consists of many critical components that when organized properly foster a setting of continuous growth and success. These components of an effective program include: 1. Onboarding 2. Training and development 3. Performance management 4. Employee engagement 5. Succession planning 6. Mentorship 7.Work Life/Balance 8.Read MoreStrategic Plan Part Iii: Balanced Scorecard Essay1433 Words   |  6 Pagesis a method company’s use to measure their performance. It includes objectives, strategies, and tactics. This paper will contain two strategic objectives for each of the four balanced scorecard areas (shareholder value or financial perspect ive, customer value perspective, process or internal perspective, and learning and growth perspective) for H R Block. It will also have two strategies for every objective, one tactic for each strategy, and two methods to monitor and control the overall strategicRead MoreIdentifying The Critical Components Of A Talent Management Program1397 Words   |  6 Pagesthe obvious benefits the programs create such as employment engagement, customer satisfaction, absenteeism, turnover, employee loyalty, and union avoidance. Talent management programs consists of many critical components that when organized properly foster a setting of continuous growth and success. These components of an effective program include: 1. Onboarding 2. Training and development 3. Performance management 4. Employee engagement 5. Succession planning 6. Mentorship 7.Work Life/Balance 8.Read MoreHRM 592 Week 5 Mini Paper1216 Words   |  5 Pagesmeeting was held with Sam’s Club management and a recommendati on was made based on this analysis. The recommendations made was based on the findings generated from random customer satisfaction survey, selection process for focus groups, identifying and documenting key organizational objectives through questionnaires and surveys, collecting and tabulating responses from returned email questionnaires conducted over a two week period. As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart still faces the potentialRead MoreAnalysis: Walmart897 Words   |  4 PagesCorporate Dept. CFO Balanced Scorecard Customer Value Perspective Issue Objective Measurement Active Programs Means of Communication Responsible Party Follow Up Customer Retention and Turnover Double customer base, goal less than 10% turnover End of year statistics Strategic partnerships Discounts, coupons, frequent purchase clubs Corporate Dept. Corporate Dept. Customer Satisfaction 100% satisfaction End of event survey Continuous Mail in survey; focus groups, research CorporateRead MoreEmployee Satisfaction : The Level Of Fulfillment Of One s Needs849 Words   |  4 Pages Morse (1997) â€Å"Satisfaction refers to the level of fulfillment of one’s needs, wants and desire. Satisfaction depends on what an individual wants from the world, and what he gets.† Employee satisfaction is a measure of how happy workers are with their job and working environment. It is undeniable that there are many different factors affecting organizational effectiveness, and one of them is employee satisfaction. Also, it is said that a satisfied employee is a productive employee, so every companyRead MoreStrategic Management System: Balanced Scorecard907 Words   |  4 Pagesareas are the financial, customer, learning and growth, and internal business processes. Kaplan and Norton (2004) make the case that in order to create value, three behaviors are important focusing on the customer, being creative and innovative and delivering results. Most of the measur es in the balanced scorecard will relate to this underlying philosophy. For the Customer Value perspective, the objectives should be to improve customer retention, to improve customer satisfaction and to increase the number

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Gary Soto’s The Jacket Essay - 1610 Words

All of us pass through adolescence before reaching adulthood. It is a crucial stage in everyone’s life that plays a big role in the adult life. â€Å"The Jacket† is a representation of Gary Soto’s adolescent life. It is a short story depicting his hardships as an adolescent as he battled with peer pressure and low self-esteem or lack of confidence caused by the ugly green jacket. The jacket serves as a symbol of his personal battles, growth, maturity, and his readiness to face the cold and harsh challenges in his life. The narrator strongly claimed that his clothes have failed him when he recalled the green jacket he wore on his fifth and sixth grade. He believed that instead of looking like a champion, his day-old guacamole colored jacket has†¦show more content†¦He got D on his math quiz and bullied by the playground bully Frankie T. while his best friend Steve Negrete did nothing but stare at him, and the girls turned away to whisper and talk about him. He also claimed that the teachers were of no help as they looked at him and talked about how foolish he looked like in his new jacket. He felt that they were all laughing and belittling him while wearing that awful jacket. During lunch time, he stepped out to the field and wanted to play kickball. Despite of the cold atmosphere, he removed his jacket and started playing. When the school bell rang he slipped back into his jacket and went to his class. As soon as he was able to warm up a bit, the fire bell rang that prompted everyone to go outside. As he queued outside, other children looked at him and again he felt as though they were all laughing and saying, Man, thats ugly(Soto, 474). Although he believed it was ugly, he continued wearing the jacket since he has no choice. All the more he felt bad because wicked things happen continuously. He was unable to do his homework, he got C’s in most of his quizzes, and he even forgot the capitals and rivers of South America. The girls who were previously friendly to him blew away like loose flowers following boys in neat jackets (Soto, 474). Despite of the bad lucks it caused him, he still wore the jacket for three years and has tagged along with him wherever he went. And all those years he was unluckyShow MoreRelated Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Sotos Oranges Essay690 Words   |  3 PagesThe Fruits of Love Revealed in Gary Sotos Oranges  Ã‚   Imagine that its winter and cold outside. Theres nervous electricity around you, and love is a new and exciting experience. In your heart you feel warmth youve never known before. This is the moment Gary Soto captures in his poem Oranges. The feeling and power of adolescent love is created using tone, contrasting imagery, and symbolism. First, the use of tone in Oranges clearly helps to set the theme of the poem. Children oftenRead MoreZero By Paul Logan, I’m Just Me by Lylah Alphonse, and The Jacket by Gary Soto863 Words   |  4 Pagesself-esteem are the major aspects of those readings. After reading their writings I found that I could relate to their experiences. The three readings that got my attention were â€Å"Zero† By Paul Logan, â€Å"I’m Just Me† by Lylah Alphonse, and â€Å"The Jacket† by Gary Soto. In the reading â€Å"Zero,† Paul Logan is a student who struggled throughout his academic life by being a failure and having a 0.0 GPA. Logan was an A student and he eventually became a C student in his last years. He got disappointed and droppedRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Oranges And Small Town With One Road 1372 Words   |  6 Pagesthrough passion, prior experience and multiple outer influences. Gary Soto is a famous poet who blossomed in the late 20th century. Soto used different variations of poetry tools to create expressive poems based on his own life experience. While Soto wrote many different poems, the poems â€Å"Oranges† and â€Å"Small Town With One Road† stand out and can be deeply analyzed. Both poems are strongly emphasized with his past experiences in life. Gary Soto writes poems about hope, diversity and harshness of lifeRead MoreThe Jacket and Seventh Grade by Gary Soto677 Words   |  3 Pagesdifferent structures for their writings. Thi s can relate to Gary Soto’s â€Å"The Jacket† and â€Å"Seventh Grade†. â€Å"The Jacket† and â€Å"Seventh Grade† have different structures which build up their plot. Three main structural distinctions between â€Å"Seventh Grade† and â€Å"The Jacket† are their point of view, the setting, and the type of conflict. One transparent difference between â€Å"The Jacket† and â€Å"Seventh Grade† is their point of views. In â€Å"The Jacket†, Soto chose a first person narration, but for â€Å"Seventh Grade†Read MoreMy Free Time Decoding Crosswords Essay1541 Words   |  7 Pagesa poem allows me to form a deeper connection with not only the poem as a whole, but also the poet. The passion that projects out of Michael Lee’s voice as he performs â€Å"Pass On,† the anxious and innocent tone created by the short enjambment used by Gary Soto in â€Å"Oranges,† and the way that Mary Oliver finds peace in the beauty of nature throughout â€Å"Grass† leaves me with a countless amount of images that create a bridge connecting the personal experiences of the author to those of my own. Throughout

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Analysis Of The Strategic Management Accounting †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Strategic Management Accounting. Answer: Introduction The present report aims to present an analysis of the strategic management functions of the Regis Healthcare Limited. The Regis Healthcare Limited is recognized to be the largest ASX listed Residential Aged Care (RACs) having a market share of about 2.5%. The company aims to become an innovative, dynamic and creative industry leader through providing high quality aged services through effective management (Regis Healthcare Limited, 2017). In this context, this report analyses the strategic management of the Regis Healthcare Limited in detail on the perspective of a Strategic Management Accountants (SMA). Value Chain of Regis Healthcare Limited through the Use Of Strategic Management Tools Regis Healthcare Limited operates in healthcare industry and as such the term value for the company indicates its speed, quality, cost and availability of healthcare services. The value chain of the company can be enhanced through the application of strategic management tools of value chain analysis. The value chain analysis (VCA) refers to the method adopted by a firm to identify its primary and secondary activities that helps in developing the valuable products and services for the customers. The goal of this strategic management tool is to segregate the most valuable activities within the firm such as operations, logistics, marketing form the support activities that are, infrastructure, technology and others. The value chain of the healthcare company will consist of activities similar to that of other industries such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, providers, professionals (nurses, midwives) and payers (heath consumers). These all can be stated to be the primary activ ities of the healthcare company that plays a vital role for it to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace (Ginter, 2013). The value chain of Regis Healthcare Limited can be depicted as follows: Examination and Implementation of techniques for Developing, Implementing and Monitoring Strategies The techniques for developing, implementing and monitoring healthcare strategies can be described as follows: Developing Strategies: The techniques for developing healthcare strategies are examining the medical history of patients that helps in identification of the healthcare services to be provided to the patients. This is followed by carrying out the specific tests for proper identification of the healthcare problem and then developing a healthcare strategy for the treatment of a specific problem. Implementation: The implementation can be done by performing the treatment procedures for the patients such as counselling of patients or providing them specific type of medical help as required by the patients. Monitoring: The monitoring strategies include reviewing the condition of the patients on a continuous basis in order to examine the impact of treatment procedures on the patients. This helps in modifying the treatment procedures as per the patients condition (Swayne et al., 2012). Strategic management cycle and the Leadership Role of Professional Accountants in Strategic Management The strategic management cycle of the Regis Healthcare will consist of the following steps: Setting of Goals: This is the most essential step as it requires the identification of adequate healthcare goals that is to be achieved by the company. This can be improving access to care, reducing healthcare cost pr providing speedy care services. Developing Strategy for Enhancing Value: This includes developing specific strategies for achieving the goal determined for adding value to the healthcare services such as measuring cost and outcomes of each patient, adequate structuring by developing integrated practice units, expanding the geographical reach of the company or using high technology medical equipments. Execution: This is the last step that involves developing specific plans for implementing the strategies developed (Ginter, 2013). The role of healthcare professional accountants is very important in the strategic planning of the healthcare company such as Regis Healthcare Limited. The professional accountants are responsible for cost management through developing healthcare budgets that help in maintaining an adequate balance between the cost and expenditure. The development of financial budgets helps in eliminating the unnecessary costs those significantly increases the costs of the healthcare facilities (Swayne et al., 2012). Role of organization and Industry Value Chain Analysis The role of healthcare firms such as Regis Healthcare Limited is very important in improving the health condition of the aged population of the Australia. These healthcare firms help in promoting the welfare of the senior citizens of the country through increasing their access to healthcare services at reduced cost. The value chain analysis of the healthcare industry consists of the primary and secondary activities. The primary activities consist of the most important functions that help it to attain a competitive advantage such as manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, providers, professionals (nurses, midwives) and payers (heath consumers). The secondary activities consist of the government legislations and technologies that impact the carrying out of primary activities. The company through identifying the primary activities can develop effective strategies to reduce the cost of healthcare facilities that enables it to achieve competitive advantages. The reduction in the cost of healthcare facilities is important for the companies operating in Australian healthcare sectors as this is the most serious issue faced by the industry in the present context. The secondary activities of the companys value chain can consist of government policies, technology and some other industries such as insurance companies. These all also plays a significant role in maintaining the quality and cost of healthcare services through interacting with the primary activities (Huda, 2016). Characteristics of effective strategic and corporate social responsibility related performance measurement and control systems The strategic performance of the company can be measured and controlled through the implementation of the Strategic Management System (SMS). The system will help in aligning the goals and objectives of the company as per the resources available. The strategic measurement system is a measurement-oriented approach that helps in developing specific annual improvement targets for the company. The corporate social responsibility systems are necessary to be implemented in the healthcare companies for ensuring the welfare of the patients. The CSR systems would helps in promoting the transparency in the heath care organizations for achieving the trust of the patients. The CSR system that can be implemented in the healthcare organizations are waste management system and effective governance system. The healthcare companies through reducing the waste elimination can promote the welfare of the existing societies as they generate waste materials on large amount. Also, the governance system will enable development of standard guidelines and procedures for the healthcare professionals to carry out their job roles for ensuring the quality services to be provided to the patients (Lachman, 2005). Strategic Management Accounting Techniques The healthcare professionals need to develop a proper budget for estimating the costs and expenses related to the healthcare projects. The professional accountants have an important role of developing financial budgets that helps in identification of the costs and expenses related with a project. The development of the budgets helps in section of the most appropriative cost management strategy for reducing the costs of the healthcare services of the company. The rising cost of the healthcare service is the most important issue faced by the healthcare industry of the Australia. Therefore, it is most important for the professional accounts to implement the cost management strategies through developing the financial budgets. It will help in reducing the operational cost through eliminating the insignificant business operations and therefore improving the profitability of the healthcare companies. Therefore, it can be said that cost management is the most importantstrategic management ac counting technique required for selection, planning, implementation, control and monitoring of projects (Hankins and Baker, 2004). References Ginter, P. 2013. The Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations. John Wiley Sons. Hankins, R. and Baker, J. 2004. ManagementAccounting for Health Care Organizations: Tools and Techniques for Decision Support. Jones Bartlett Learning. Huda, F. 2016. The Impact of Strategic Management on the Performance of Health Care Organizations (A Study of Three Selected Tertiary Health Care Center of Karachi, Pakistan). Arabian J Bus Manag Review. Lachman, M. 2005. Strategic managementaccounting practices in hospitals: Empirical evidence on their dissemination under competitive market environments. Journal ofAccounting Organizational Change. Regis Healthcare Limited. 2017. What Investors Should Know About Regis Healthcare Limiteds (ASX:REG) Financial Strength? [Online]. Available at: [Accessed on: 13 October 2017]. Swayne, L. et al. 2012. Strategic Management of Health Care Organizations. John Wiley Sons.

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Invisible Man Essay free essay sample

WhitepeopleMorgan Reynolds AP Literature A Nameless Stereotype â€Å"Symbolism exists to adorn and enrich, not to create an artificial sense of profundity. † (Stephen King, On Writing). In Ralph Ellison’s â€Å"Invisible Man,† symbolism plays an excessively important role. More specifically, the symbolism of a particular coin bank and Sambo doll not only add greatly to the themes of the story, but accurately depicts the black man’s Harlem in the 1920’s. The protagonist of the story, a nameless young black man, struggles with finding his identity among a society of warring stereotypes. Throughout the novel, the narrator is continuously reminded of the black stereotype thrust upon him. The coin bank serves as a realization of the image many white men still hold regarding African Americans in the 1920’s. The Invisible Man, otherwise known as the narrator, awakens to find a coin bank in a guest room of the home owned by the only woman whom he trusts, Mary. We will write a custom essay sample on Invisible Man Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Then near the door I saw something which I had never seen before: the cast-iron figure of a very black, red-lipped and wide-mouthed Negro, whose white eyes stared up at me from the floor, his face an enormous grin, his single large black hand held palm up before his chest. It was a bank, a piece of early Americana, the kind of bank which, if a coin is placed in the hand and a lever pressed upon the back, will raise its arm and flip the coin into the grinning mouth. † (Ellison 319). The coin bank embodies the idea of the well-behaved slave, who fawns over white men for trivial rewards such as petty change. The narrator smashes the coin bank due to a sharp hatred for the stereotype that his brethren, and himself, are subjected to. However, he also resents the black men whom embody this stereotype, and make breaking out of it difficult for the rest. The restricting idea of the coin bank appears earlier in the novel during the â€Å"battle royal† as well. â€Å"I crawled rapidly around the floor, picking up the coins, trying to avoid the coppers and to get greenbacks and the gold. Ignoring the shock by laughing, as I brushed the coins off quickly, I realized that I could contain the electricity- a contradiction, but it works. † (Ellison 27). The battle royal dehumanizes the poor young black man for the sake of entertainment, and reinforces the lowly manner in which they are viewed. The narrator’s stereotype follows him throughout life, leaving no chance of proving his reality to the outside world. The Sambo doll, a small paper doll with puppet-like strings, depicts a harsh and undeniably racist stereotype of black entertainers. A grinning doll of orange-and-black tissue paper with thin flat cardboard disks forming it’s head and feet and which some mysterious mechanism was causing to move up and down in a loose-jointed, shoulder-shaking, infuriatingly sensuous motion, a dance that was completely detached from the black, mask-like face. It’s no jumping-jack, but what, I thought, seeing the doll throwing itself about with the fierce defiance of someone performing a degrading act in public, dancing as though it received a perverse pleasure from its motion. † (Ellison 431). The dolls are introduced to the narrator through a former member of the â€Å"Brotherhood,† Todd Clifton. The Brotherhood embodies an unhealthy, communist-like group of black and white men whom seek change through the use of a token spokesperson, typically a young black man with charm and a knack for public speaking. The Brotherhood as a whole subconsciously, or perhaps even consciously, uses this stereotype to their advantage by exploiting charming young black men as poster children for the cause. â€Å"Shake it up! Shake it up! He’s Sambo, the dancing doll, ladies and gentlemen. Shake him, stretch him by the neck and set him down, -He’ll do the rest. Yes! He’ll make you laugh; he’ll make you sigh, si-igh. He’ll make you want to dance, and dance- Here you are, ladies and gentlemen, Sambo, The dancing doll. Buy one for your baby. Take him to your girlfriend and she’ll love you, loove you! He’ll keep you entertained. He’ll make you weep sweet-Tears from laughing. Shake him, shake him, you cannot break him for he’s Sambo, the dancing, Sambo, the prancing, Sambo, the entertaining, Sambo Boogie Woogie paper doll. † (Ellison 431-432). As Clifton sings this song to the onlookers, he not only stereotypes the black man as a mere entertainer for the White, but himself as well. The dancing doll pleases the onlookers through absurd motions. Even though it appears to be moving through sheer willpower, the doll attaches to a string, giving the illusion of a puppeteer bending his puppet to his will. The puppeteer represents the white man’s control from behind the scenes, such as the case in the Brotherhood. The Sambo doll represents the power and control a stereotype has over a person’s actions. Stereotype and prejudice, like the invisible strings of the paper Sambo doll, often manipulate the extent one may or may not achieve in life. The author, Ralph Ellison, provides many political themes throughout the novel. â€Å"Ralph Ellison declared his intention to shape public opinion when he received the National Book Award in 1953 for Invisible Man. In his acceptance speech, he comment that his own attempt to write a major novel derived from a feeling that, ‘except for the work of William Faulkner, something vital had gone out of American prose since Mark twain. He added that American writers once assumed ‘a much greater responsibility for the condition of democracy, and, indeed, their works were imaginative projections of the conflicts within the human heart which arose when the sacred principles of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights clashed with the practical exigencies of human greed and fear, hate and love. ’† (Ralph Ellison and the Raft of Hope: A Political Companion to Invisible Man 1). Ellison uses the political and social experiences of the time period in which â€Å"Invisible Man† takes place to enhance the reality of the book. He blends the themes of emotion, personal struggle, oppression, and politics in a way that feels most realistic. He uses these to develop the theme of the novel. In the analytical novel, â€Å"Ralph Ellison and the Raft of Hope: A Political Companion to Invisible Man,† Ellison is depicted as a man who â€Å"hoped to follow in the footsteps of great American writers not only by developing and honing is craft as they did theirs, but also writing Invisible Man as a deliberate attempt ‘to return the mood of personal moral responsibility for Democracy. Through Ellison’s determination and seven year struggle to complete â€Å"Invisible Man,† he brought the story of a nameless man to the masses, and not only developed a format of technical literary genius, but stirred up 1950’s America in his thought provoking novel. â€Å"Invisible Man† tells the story of prejudice and stereotype of both black and white men in the early 20th century. The novel is not merely about racism, but more accurately the struggles of finding one’s identity through a state of stereotypes against stereotypes. Works Cited: Ellison, Ralph. Invisible Man. New York: Random House Inc. 1947. Print. Ralph Ellison and The Raft Of Hope. Lexington, University Press of Kentucky, 2004. Print.

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5 Tips for Fixing Not Only . . . But Also Errors

5 Tips for Fixing Not Only . . . But Also Errors 5 Tips for Fixing â€Å"Not Only . . . But Also† Errors 5 Tips for Fixing â€Å"Not Only . . . But Also† Errors By Mark Nichol Few constructions cause as much consternation for editors as that in which a contrast is represented with the phrase â€Å"not only, . . but.† The solution to garbled syntax in such constructions is simple but bears repeating, so multiple sample sentences follow. But before we go any further, note not only that a comma following â€Å"not only† is unnecessary but also that also (or too or as well) is essential after but. At its most basic, the erroneous sentence structure you will see played out in several variations here is â€Å"(Subject) (this) (verb) and (that).† The correct sequence is â€Å"(Subject) (verb) (this) and (that).† 1. â€Å"I not only knew where this person was shopping and how much he or she was spending, but the exact time of each transaction.† For such a sentence to exhibit proper parallel structure, the verb following the subject must precede â€Å"not only† so that it applies to both parallel phrases, or the verb must be repeated. In the latter case, the sentence would read, â€Å"I not only knew where this person was shopping and how much he or she was spending; I also knew the exact time of each transaction.† This solution is correct but cumbersome. (I was tempted to write â€Å"not only correct but also cumbersome,† but one is favorable and the other unfavorable, so introducing parallel structure seems inappropriate.) For clarity and simplicity, try this: â€Å"I knew not only where this person was shopping and how much he or she was spending but also the exact time of each transaction.† (Note also the insertion of also.) 2. â€Å"When the United Kingdom went through its mad cow mess, it had to bury not just the dead animals that had gotten sick, but had to change its butchering methods.† That’s a clumsy (and erroneous) attempt to provide the verb twice. It’s far more elegant to compose the sentence so that a single had is strong enough: â€Å"When the United Kingdom went through its mad cow mess, it had to not only bury the dead animals that had gotten sick but also change its butchering methods.† 3. â€Å"Their drinking may not only reflect difficulties in sleeping and calming down, but the fact that their parents provided a chaotic and inconsistent home environment.† This sentence almost sounds right, but may, the verb that precedes â€Å"not only,† is an auxiliary, or helper, verb; it’s playing second banana to reflect, which must also precede â€Å"not only†: â€Å"Their drinking may reflect not only difficulties in sleeping and calming down but also the fact that their parents provided a chaotic and inconsistent home environment.† 4. â€Å"Extended-stay lodging may not only fulfill a practical purpose but an emotional one.† The error is most easily seen in sentences such as this one, in which the â€Å"but (also)† phrase is brief and noisily clatters to the floor, unsupported by the sentence structure: â€Å"Extended-stay lodging may fulfill not only a practical purpose but also an emotional one.† 5. â€Å"They understood that the devastation was not solely about the lack of water, but about the way the land had been used.† This sentence, in which solely stands in for only, places the â€Å"not only† element correctly, but, again, the comma is extraneous, and an inserted also is not: â€Å"They understood that the devastation was not solely about the lack of water but also about the way the land had been used.† Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Grammar category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How to Structure A Story: The Eight-Point ArcConfusing "Passed" with "Past"1,462 Basic Plot Types

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Nursing research Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 4

Nursing research - Essay Example it is evident that Nurse Researchers are at a better position of participating in nursing research since they have the knowledge required for local practice. Hence, the results generated from nursing research will create a well-built scientific foundation for the practice of nursing since nursing research applies to specific topics arrived at after a careful and systematic evaluation. Hence, the use of Nurse Researchers generates results that were beneficial to patients since nurses participate in the process of research and implement the findings and recommendations of the research. The essence of nursing research is to influence the quality of care that nurses provided to their patients. In line with this, research in nursing is developing with researchers focusing on evidence-based practice (EPB), which focuses on using the various aspects of evidence in nursing that encompasses research findings, reviews, and theory and integrates the evidence to provide cost-effective care while ensuring the improvement of the quality of care. EPB involves comprehensive assessment of the evidence in order to discover nursing behaviors, beliefs, and knowledge that exist in a system in order to develop an awareness of the important role played by shifting towards best practices that were cost-effective and quality. Importantly, EBP helps identify the approaches that nurses will use towards approaching patients’ conditions while using the available resources